• A lonely Jack Miller

    as he gets ready to start the ArgentinaGP

  • Angry Rossi fans attempt to confront Marquez

    While Marquez attempted to apologize for ramming Rossi off track.

  • MotoGP .. ?

    Or demolition derby?


Last week in Argentina at MotoGP..

.. chaos ..

Starting Line

Jack Miller sits on pole many places in front of everyone after properly choosing tires.

Marquez stalls

During line up after initial lap, Marquez had to push start his motorcycle; start of many troubles for the weekend.

Damp track

Before even the end of the first lap, Zarco's chance to overtake cost Pedrosa


After his ride through penalty, Marquez desperate to catch up to the front, takes Rossi out

Crutchlow takes 1st!

For the first time in a few decades, a British rider leads in points.

Pedrosa to try to race

After surgery, Pedrosa unsure what is in store, but says `it's well worth [..] to try.`

League News

.. McKenna pulls further ahead, Autumn catches up from behind..

The rookies took lead in Qatar

New comers McKenna and Mark jumped to the front of the points board with their picks. Mark at 5 points was one ahead of Chad and McKenna blasted the competition with 7 massive points to start.

Competition starts to level out

Tied for 2nd now, Autumn caught up from last place with 3 points, the most any of the league managed to score. Chad ran consistent with 2 as did McKenna holding on to her first place spot.

COTA in Austin, TX!

We look forward to April 22nd, a favorite of Marc Marquez who has taken first here every MotoGP he's ridden in.

League Standings

McKenna aka
"The n00b"

9 Points

Autumn aka
"The Ketchup"

6 points

Chad aka "The GoaT"

6 points

Mark aka "The Rook"

5 points

This Week

Look for high speed turns at the COTA track in Austin, TX!

The Circuit of the Americas track, known for it's long straights and hard braking turns, will test the mettle of the tires as well as the riders.

  • Longest straight of all MotoGP Tracks
  • 11 left turns, 9 right.
  • Total length: 3.43 miles
  • Lap record: 2'03.575
  • Top Speed: 214.7 mph


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